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8/18/2014 - LPA and URMC Team to Tackle Parkinson's Disease

Press Release August 18, 2014

LPA and University of Rochester Medical Center Team to Tackle Parkinson's Disease

LPA Software Solutions’ Predictive Analytics team has announced a joint effort with the Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics (CHET) of the University of Rochester Medical Center to better understand the disease course of Parkinson’s disease. 

There are no proven therapies that can delay, stop, or reverse the clinical or neuropathological progression of Parkinson’s disease. This is primarily because Parkinson’s disease is slow and heterogeneous in symptomatic progression, and there is an absence of biomarkers, making it difficult to fully assess treatment effects on outcome measures. However, patient characteristics such as age of disease onset and presentation of initial symptoms (tremor- vs. non-tremor-dominant) partially explain variability in disease course, suggesting the possibility of targeting subpopulations of PD patients with similar and more responsive clinical phenotypes.

CHET’s team, led by Dr. Charles Venuto (PharmD, University at Buffalo), and LPA Software Solutions’ team, led by Dr. Katrina Adams (PhD, Applied Mathematics, Queens University, N. Ireland) are attempting to build a model for quantifying and predicting Parkinson’s disease progression and to discover patient attributes which may explain the heterogeneity of disease progression as measured by the Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS). 

The team will leverage IBM Watson technology to construct the models, with specific use of the IBM Advanced Care Insights technology.


About LPA 

Founded just eleven years ago, LPA has established itself as a business intelligence and analytics consulting company providing solutions to healthcare providers, provider practices, and hospitals.  With offices in New York and Texas LPA provides solutions to mid-market entities throughout the U.S.  LPA’s focused solutions help companies make faster and more accurate decisions – based on exactly what you need to know.  LPA is a premier IBM business partner. To learn more about LPA and its innovative solutions please visit our website at 

About CHET

CHET has a mission to conduct hypothesis-driven, rigorously designed, initial investigations of novel therapeutic interventions for human diseases. The Center utilizes a team of dedicated clinical researchers and research cores to efficiently conduct initial clinical trials in diseases targeted by the URMC Strategic Plan.  For more information about CHET, visit the University of Rochester Medical Center website at 


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