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ASL Partner Series: Integrated Analytics

Nov 13th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Analytics at the point of decision provides valuable insights that help users make the right decisions, more quickly. Attend this webinar to see how LPA Software Solutions has provided embedded analytics within our BI solutions.  This webinar will show you how LPA has assisted many of these OEM partners deeply integrate the IBM Business Analytics solution using Cognos Mashup Services, RAVE, and automation capabilities to help deliver better decision making capabilities to its customers. 

Cognos Mashup Services (CMS)

Cognos Mashup Services (CMS) allowing you to integrate Cognos content into new environments such as 3rd party charting engines or custom internet applications. Compare using CMS to Cognos SDK (Software Development Kit). 

RAVE and Advanced Visualizations

RAVE and Advanced Visualizations extend the built-in graphical capabilities in Cognos BI through the use of downloadable new visualizations from the IBM community, including a free customizer tool. 

Framework Automation

Learn how you can change the report author’s view of reporting packages without having to wait for a Framework Modeler complete tasks, either through direct programmatic updates or using the IBM Cognos SDK. Example use-cases include automatically renaming fields based on business rules, and also generating framework models driven solely from metadata.  

Branding the Cognos Mobile App

Using the iOS Cognos mobile app? Learn how to brand the IBM Cognos Mobile iOS Welcome Screen to include either yours or your customer’s logo.


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