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Webinar: What's New with Cognos Analytics R5 (v11.0.5)

Jan 26th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

IBM has released Cognos Analytics R5 (v11.0.5) and it contains many new and exciting features including: 

  • Geospatial Analytics with Mapbox and Pitney Bowes
    • These new partnerships allow customers to access geospatial insights from their data at any number of levels, all the way down to zip code, street level and even points of interest.  

  • Modeling
    • Data modules can now be set to be “linked”.  Using a “linked” data module as the source for a new one ensures that changes to the linked data module will automatically propagate
  • Dashboarding
    • Direct access to Relational Framework Manager packages, new Map widget, RAVE2
  • Storytelling
    • Ability to add an Infographic summary to your storyboard
    • Enhancements to animation (“slide in” functionality) and 2 new "guided journey" templates
  • Reporting
    • You no longer have to download visualizations from the web – the newest visualizations will be available out of the box and will be enhanced with each release
    • New Visualization Gallery window that combines all charts and visualizations (no more “Chart” tool in the toolbox)
    • Filter wizard window has been redesigned
    • Drill up/down now supported in Interactive mode (when using dimensional data sources)
  • Sharing and Embedding Content
    • You can now use a URL to open and view a Cognos Analytics report in Interactive mode (so you can now embed the interactive viewer into other applications)
  • UI Customizations by Role 
    • You can now create a theme or extension and associate it with a group of users leveraging a Group or Role
  • 3 new data sources are supported
    • Snowflake, Pivotal HDB and Amazon Aurora

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