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IBM Webinar: Business Analytics For The Absolute Beginner

Aug 28th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Data science may be one of the most sought after specialties in the business world, but you don't have to be afraid that you're getting left out of the data boom. Join this one hour webinar to learn the basics of business analytics.

You'll learn what business analytics is, what sorts of data you can use with it, what kind of insights you can glean from it - a host of information. What's more, you'll also discover:

  • Who can "do" business analytics and how
  • What businesses can benefit from business analytics
  • What sort of tools allow data newcomers to perform business analytics
  • What can you do with the information once you get it - can you share it? Visualize it? Turn it into actionable information?

If you're curious about business analytics, this is the webinar for you. Register now to reserve your place. We'll see you there!

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