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IBM Webinar: Prepare Yourself For Smarter Data Preparation and Modeling in IBM Cognos Analytics

Feb 28th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Big data may be a big buzzword, but data isn’t worth much if you can’t extract actionable insights from it quickly enough to make smarter decisions faster than the competition. How can you do that, especially when fully trained data scientists are in short supply?

The answer is the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics, an AI-infused business intelligence solution that tears down barriers between you and your data and helps you build a full, complete picture of your organization’s drivers and challenges. Let us show you how easy it can be to explore data, model data, and visualize data.

Join the second installment of this three part series on Thursday, February 28 at 11am ET to step through the intuitive process of gaining insights from your data using Cognos Analytics. These Webinars will be action packed, covering an array of topics:

February 28: Prepare Yourself for Smarter Data Preparation and Modeling in IBM Cognos Analytics

March 28: Stunning reports that are easy to create — we’ll show how it’s done in IBM Cognos Analytics!

Business professionals need an easier, faster method of combining data from all types of sources so they can use advanced analytics in the regular course of their work — without relying on lengthy traditional processes of data preparation.

Attend this webinar to see some of the exciting new AI-driven capabilities in IBM Cognos Analytics that significantly reduce the complexity of data preparation. In it, you will see how personal, external, and IT-curated data can be fused together to accelerate interactive analytics, even if you have a slow database. Also discover how you can make ugly data beautiful using the self-service data preparation options in Cognos Analytics.

Cognos Analytics enables busy professionals to spend more time focusing on more important priorities by reducing data preparation time.

  • Search for the data you need using everyday language — Cognos Analytics uses built-in natural language features that can understand the meaning of your search terms
  • Start your analysis sooner as auto-modeling suggests intelligent ways to blend and join data from multiple sources
  • Open the door for any business user to explore the connections within your data — including ones they didn’t even know to look for