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IBM Webinar: Stunning Reports That Are Easy to Create - We'll Show You How It's Done in IBM Cognos Analytics

Mar 28th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Big data may be a big buzzword, but data isn’t worth much if you can’t extract actionable insights from it quickly enough to make smarter decisions faster than the competition. How can you do that, especially when fully trained data scientists are in short supply?

The answer is the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics, an AI-infused business intelligence solution that tears down barriers between you and your data and helps you build a full, complete picture of your organization’s drivers and challenges. Let us show you how easy it can be to explore data, model data, and visualize data.

Join the final installment of the three part series on Thursday, March 28 at 11am ET to step through the intuitive process of gaining insights from your data using Cognos Analytics. These Webinars will be action packed, covering an array of topics:

March 28: Stunning reports that are easy to create — we’ll show how it’s done in IBM Cognos Analytics!

If reporting remains a specialist activity limited to a few experts in the IT department, then getting the reports you need will always be a bottleneck. In this webinar, you will see an AI-driven reporting and dashboarding tool that uses machine learning and built-in intelligence to help users better understand their data — all by themselves, with no bottlenecks – and ultimately share those understandings through stunning reports. Even more importantly, you’ll learn how the value of reporting goes up as more people within your organization create their own reports.

Join this webinar to learn about the exciting new capabilities in Cognos Analytics that make it easier for managers and directors in just about any business to use advanced analytics to make better decisions.

  • Automatically generate compelling visualizations, even with minimal authoring experience
  • Create visualizations that interact with extra data provided by other report authors
  • Benefit from responsive performance driven by browser-side data caching
  • Employ new visualization types including bullet, hierarchical packed bubble, Marimekko, network, and tree maps
  • Share and reuse custom color palettes across reports to preserve corporate branding
  • Blast reports across your company through a variety of means, including Slack


 Rachel Su
Offering Manager
IBM Cognos Analytics

Rachel Su is an Offering Manager for Cognos Analytics. She has over 10 years of experience in different areas of Cognos. Her current area of focus is Cognos Analytics reporting. She is passionate about analyzing the market landscape, as well as transforming and modernizing Business Intelligence. She also has proven track record of delivering complex product features.