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IBM Webinar: Explore Possibilities You've Never Imagined: Data Exploration For Everyone In IBM Cognos Analytics

Jan 24th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Big data may be a big buzzword, but data isn’t worth much if you can’t extract actionable insights from it quickly enough to make smarter decisions faster than the competition. How can you do that, especially when fully trained data scientists are in short supply?

The answer is the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics, an AI-infused business intelligence solution that tears down barriers between you and your data and helps you build a full, complete picture of your organization’s drivers and challenges. Let us show you how easy it can be to explore data, model data, and visualize data.

Join the first installment of this three part series on Thursday, Jan 24 at 11am ET to step through the intuitive process of gaining insights from your data using Cognos Analytics. These Webinars will be action packed, covering an array of topics:

January 24: Explore Possibilities You’ve Never Imagined: Data exploration for everyone in IBM Cognos Analytics

February 28: Prepare Yourself for Smarter Data Preparation and Modeling in IBM Cognos Analytics

March 28: Stunning reports that are easy to create — we’ll show how it’s done in IBM Cognos Analytics!

Plan to attend all three to get the full download on the all-new Cognos Analytics.

Data is everywhere, but it's only as useful as your ability to find answers from it.  Long the purview of the data scientist, data exploration has been made more and more accessible to business users thanks to modern BI tools, but barriers remain.  The latest release of Cognos Analytics removes these barriers thanks to the power of augmented intelligence.

Join us at this webinar to learn how the smart data exploration capabilities in the new Cognos Analytics aim to help every user gain valuable information and actionable insights from their data. This is achieved through embedded AI and machine learning that make it easier for leaders across a broad spectrum of industries to make better decisions using advanced analytics.

  • Explore from data directly or via an existing asset in a Dashboard or Story
  • Leverage advanced analytics in an accessible way, opening the door for any user to surface compelling new insights
  • Interact with contextual recommendations that guide users to greater understanding of their data
  • Start exploring immediately with an intuitive, natural language tool that lowers the barriers to entry for the world of analytics


Leah Hostetler
Offering Manager
IBM Business Analytics

Leah Hostetler is an Offering Manager with IBM Business Analytics. As a chartered accountant with over 15 years’ experience in the software industry, Leah is keenly interested in applying technology to solve business problems. She is currently focused on providing analytics to everyone through smart data discovery. Her priorities are ease of use and the user experience.