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Introduction to IBM DSX – The Data Science Experience

Apr 19th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Is your company leveraging the power of your data? Surprisingly, the answer for many is no. What is holding them back?

Many companies are limited by custom tool installations and lack of data sharing.  While data scientists have unprecedented access to data, they are without the ability to collaborate with others to find solutions to complex issues.  In addition to that, environments are being moved to the cloud, but there is uncertainty about what that means for the predictive analytics environment.

The IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) allows data scientists to learn, create, and collaborate.  DSX provides an integrated platform that facilitates:

  • Collaboration among data scientists whether they prefer open source tools like R, python, and Scala or they have experience with IBM SPSS Modeler. 
  • Sharing of data, Jupyter notebooks, and machine learning models across the data science team. 
  • Access to the power of the Spark analytics engine without the need to install and configure individual nodes.

DSX can be delivered across a variety of platforms:  cloud, private cloud, desktop, and, most recently, natively installed in IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS).  Join us for this introduction to DSX and the IBM Watson Data Platform webinar where we will demonstrate the capabilities of DSX and IBM Watson Machine Learning.

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