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Smarter Decision-Making with IBM Cognos Express 3


How are we doing? Why? What should we be doing?
For a small company, it's easy to answer these critical questions.  But growth begets complexity -- more employees, customers, partners, products -- and a tidal wave of information.  The right answers become tougher to find.  IBM Cognos Express changes all that for you.

Join us for a free webinar and see how IBM Cognos Express will help you manage mounting piles of information and turn it into the knowledge you need to:
  • Manage costs more closely and improve efficiency
  • Find new opportunities and trends
  • Deliver better customer service
  • Drive greater profitability and revenue growth
  • Do more with less

In an information-packed hour, we will:

  • Articulate the opportunities that a dynamic economy presents to midsize companies that are agile and adaptable enough to take advantage
  • Explain why the business model in place at most midsize companies actually resists growth
  • Demonstrate how IBM Cognos Express is uniquely built to empower faster, smarter decisions and fuel growth.
  • Show you the simple steps you can take to minimize risk and deliver greater business efficiencies
  • Demonstrate how you can extend the familiar spreadsheet-based user interface for better budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • Share with you the "Think Big, Start Small" strategy that's paving the way for midsize customer success
RSVP today and discover how you can have better reporting, analysis and planning to help your organization thrive!


Existing Cognos Express 9.5 Customers - Attend this webinar to learn more about the Cognos Express 10.1 Capabilities.

 Join us on Februart 27th,

12 PM to 1 PM ET.

RSVP Today.




Jesse McNulty
Account Manager
LPA Software Solutions, LLC.
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Smarter Analytics with IBM Cognos Express
February 27, 2013
Time: 12PM - 1PM ET
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