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Webinar: Leveraging Analytics in Higher Education to Create a Data-Driven Enterprise and Culture

Nov 21st 11:00 am - 11:40 pm

Higher Education institutions face many challenges as they plan for the future – acquiring new types of students to combat declining enrollment, tapping into continual learning opportunities to support the new information economy, competing for market share and alumni wallet share to bolster financial outcomes, and connecting student and operational data in real time to make better decisions and drive meaningful interventions.

 This webinar will provide information about meeting these challenges head-on by leveraging a modern, and smarter, technology ecosystem. Topics will include:

  • Connected data and the application of Analytics to gain insight into the key drivers for financial, operational, and student outcomes across the institution. 
  •  The infusion of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable proactive, real-time decision-making and to help plan for a changing economy. 
  •  Recommendations for how to get started on your Data & Analytics Journey.

Join LPA and the Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities in New York (CICU) for this webinar and learn more about how Data and Analytics can drive transformation in Higher Education.

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