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Webinar: How To Get More Out Of TM1/Planning Analytics Using QUBEdocs

Feb 21st 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

QUBEdocs was designed by TM1 users for TM1 users. It provides the tools to learn, manage and change your business models without sacrificing the flexibility, adaptibility and complexity that makes TM1 so powerful. Better yet - the new release is compatible with Planning Analytics and is now available in the Cloud. 

How does QUBEdocs help you?

  • As Built in Documentation

Modeling is difficult. Getting it right takes time. That's your job. We make sure your hard work is documented, automatically. Every version. Every environment

  • Compare

Compare anything. QUBEdocs allows you to compare any model to another, enabling you to know what, when and where a change occurred

  • Full text search queries

What do you need to find a needle in a haystack? A simple description of your needle, how it is different from the hay and a full text index in QUBEdocs

  • Report

Whether you're looking for cube memory, user rights or process runs - QUBEdocs keeps track of all the stats that are important to you

  • In Context Answers

Great answers should tell you more than just what to do. Every answer in QUBEdocs is surrounded by context, so you can understand before you act

  • Plan

Migrating to production is easy. Knowing when to migrate is hard. QUBEdocs deployment planning ensures you choose the right version every time.

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We look forward to seeing you there!