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Webinar: Is Your Data Business Ready? IBM Information Governance Catalog

Dec 20th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • Is your data "business ready?"
  • Is your organization busy building data lakes and swamps?
  • Are your users demanding self-service analytics?

If you answered YES to these questions, then attend this webinar to learn about how IBM Information Governance Catalog can help.

 IBM Governance Catalog

The IBM Information Governance Catalog will help you:

  • Inventory all of your mission critical data, regardless of where it exists in your enterprise
  • Help you understand the purpose and meaning of all that data
  • Track where the data came from and where it's being sent
  • Provide all that information to users enabling them to make better decisions
IGC Catalog

Attend this webinar to learn how the IBM Information Governance Catalog provides you with a holistic approach to managing, improving, and leveraging information to increase an organization's confidence in its decisions and operational business processes. IBM Information Governance Catalog provides the entry point for an organization to understand and govern its information by:


Understanding the meaning of your data

Provides a common business language and vocabulary to enable a deeper understanding of all your data assets - structured, semi-structured and unstructured.

Establishing a governance framework

Document governance policies and enact rule to help you define how information should be structured, stored, transformed and moved.

Exploring data lineage

Enables you to understand how data flows across the information landscape, helping you track where data was sourced from or being consumed. Allows you to develop trust and confidence in such data.

Benefiting from the cloud

Move to the cloud, which does not require an on-premises environment and reduces your administration costs.

Attend this webinar and see how you can make data governance work for your organization.  

Register today!

Please note this is an integrated voice conference through Webex. Audio is through your computer speakers. We look forward to seeing you there!