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Migrating from Data Manager to DataStage 2 2

Do you use Data Manager for ETL?

Do you have a need to create data warehouses and data repositories for reporting, analysis, and performance management?

Then you need to attend this webinar!

IBM has announced that formal support for Data Manager will end in 2018. As a result, IBM has made important license changes regarding Data Manager entitlements meaning customers are able to use InfoSphere DataStage under their current license agreement.


Attend this webinar and learn about how to start planning your migration in iterative, advanced steps to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. We will also introduce the migration utility that can help automate portions of converting your existing Data Manager streams to Data Stage.

This webinar will also discuss the functionality and features of InfoSphere DataStage and the InfoSphere Information Server suite, describing how its use will reduce your overall development and maintenance costs of existing Data Manager ETL streams. At the same time, InfoSphere will increase the confidence and quality of your data through the addition of governance functionality, better product scalability and overall performance.

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