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Webinar: Customer Analytics Using SPSS Modeler

Posted: Sep 04, 2014

Category: Predictive Analytics | Tags: Webinar

1-Hour Webinar Playback Video
Part of LPA's free Cognos Webinar Series:

There has been considerable change in the relationship between customers and companies. With the ease of online access, customers are now   empowered to know their vendors and control their relationships with them including the freedom to switch vendors easily. Companies have the ability to   know their customers and market to them on a personalized basis using data mining and predictive analytics technologies.    

Customer analytics unlock insights that enable companies to add new customers and grow their business as well as improve their understanding of what their customers want. It uncovers hidden insights in customer data to enable the creation of personalized experiences that win more business while reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty. 

Customer analytics solutions using IBM technology can help your organization:  

  • Identify and target the best customers for marketing programs  
  • Predict which customers will respond to your offers  
  • Improve sales forecasting and minimize sales cycles  
  • Predict which customers are at risk of leaving and retain them  
  • Maximize customer lifetime value through personalized up-sell and cross-sell


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