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Webinar: Automating the Reporting Process with Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM)

Posted: Jul 23, 2015

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

1-Hour Webinar Playback
Part of the LPA Webinar Series:  

Would you like to reduce the time required to create internal and external reports from days down to hours? Do you spend many laborious hours scripting repetitive narrative within your reports?  Do you require the ability to manage collaboration and govern security within your reporting process? Then attend this LPA webinar on IBM Cognos Disclosure Management to  learn how you can reduce risk and cost by automating your reporting processes using CDM. 

The information shared through this webinar will demonstrate how using CDM you can:

  • Drive process consistency and automate many manual processes across budgeting, forecasting and the financial close and reporting
  • Enable controlled collaboration through a single, secure, enterprise-scalable solution that allows multiple users to view and edit reports simultaneously without versioning issues
  • Link report data directly to enterprise data sources and create dynamic reports that automatically update when underlying numbers change in underlying data sources - ensuring a single, consistent version of the truth throughout the office of finance
  • Gain insight into critical performance management and reporting processes via process dashboards and alerts
  • Optimize controls and auditability using validation procedures and ensure controls are performed at each level of the organization – from departmental to entity and corporate headquarters
  • Enhance security over sensitive data and reports 

And all of this while leveraging the intuitive user interface of Microsoft Office tools where staff can leverage their existing expertise with the calculation capabilities of Microsoft Excel, as well as their knowledge of formatting in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word while realizing the additional functionality and capabilities of an enterprise database driven solution. 


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