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Webinar: Best Methods for Budgeting and Forecasting in the Hospitality Industry

Posted: Jul 02, 2015

Category: Hospitality | Tags: Webinar

1-hour Webinar Playback

Part of LPA's Webinar Series:

Do you need daily numbers for each property to improve tracking and planning? Are your spreadsheet processes cumbersome and out-of-date?  See what the best-of-breed hospitality & hotel property management companies are doing. 

Here at LPA, we recognize that hospitality property management has its own set of unique necessities and have developed solutions to address the following: 

* Obtaining and organizing data to generate daily forecasts

* Gaining insight into competitor and market trends integrating sources such as STR data

* Obtaining real-time rollup and consolidation of actuals and forecasts

* Using Cognos Workspace Advanced to do ad-hoc reporting

* Expense allocation at the account detail level for forecasts

These are just a few examples. With these challenges in mind, we've designed a solution that integrates with your existing systems and extracts data to provide visibility to key metrics and with just a click or two. We can now offer hospitality companies a framework that can be implemented quickly to achieve daily forecasts, manage REVPAR, and track other relevant metrics.


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