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Webinar: What's New in Cognos 10.2.2 - Dynamic Cubes

Posted: May 21, 2015

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

1-Hour Webinar Playback
LPA Webinar Series:  

Cognos version 10.2.2 has recently been made available to existing IBM customers. There have been significant changes made to the overall platform, including Dynamic Cubes. Attend this webinar to learn about this powerful in-memory OLAP technology, and understand how the latest release of Cognos BI impacts Dynamic Cubing. Topics to be discussed include: 

  • What are Dynamic Cubes
  • How to create and manage Dynamic Cubes using the cube designer
  • Understand where Dynamic Cubes may fit in a solution and how to best leverage them?
  • Discussion of features for the Aggregate Advisor
  • Caching considerations
  • Demonstration of creating a Dynamic Cube
  • Deploying Dynamic Cubes


When playing this video back we suggest you view it in "Full Screen" mode in "HD Quality".   You can make these selections using the toolbar directly under the video. 

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