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Webinar: Introduction to IBM SPSS Text Analytics

Posted: Aug 27, 2015

Category: Predictive Analytics | Tags: Webinar

1-hour webinar playback
Part of LPA's Webinar Series:  

What can we do with our textual survey data? How can we gain deeper insights on what our customers are saying about our company and products beyond simple closed-ended questions? Companies large and small are trying to unlock the insights and answers that are contained in natural language texts. These insights are the key to gaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. 

Watch this webinar and see how IBM SPSS Text Analytics can be leveraged to translate text from customer surveys into valuable insights and action:

  • Track key concepts over time in various mediums (e.g. social media sites, web sites, customer surveys, etc.)
  • Use extracted text concepts to evaluate marketing initiatives. Answer questions like: How effective was our last marketing campaign at getting our message across?
  • Determine what are customers saying about your sales cycle in their surveys?
  • Uncover which concepts are most correlated to your desired outcome (completed sale).
  • Assess/Identify customer sentiment on individual customers, on a specific initiative, and/or on the overall company. 

During this informative webinar, we will:

  • Explain the terms Text Analytics and Text Mining
  • Determine where Text Analytics can be used
  • Describe possible use cases/projects where Text Analytics is applicable
  • Demonstrate how IBM SPSS is used to extract concepts, create higher level linguistic categories and how to analyze the results


When playing this video back we suggest you view it in "Full Screen" mode in "HD Quality".   You can make these selections using the toolbar directly under the video. 

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