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Webinar: The Next Big Thing In Self-Service BI - Cognos Analytics

Posted: May 17, 2016

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

At the IBM Insight 2015 conference in Las Vegas, details about the next generation of Cognos BI (previously referred to as "Titan") were announced. View this webinar to learn about IBM Cognos Analytics, and how it will impact your organization.

IBM Cognos Analytics promises to dramatically increase productivity in reporting with:

  •     Accelerated Business Modeling and Performance
  •     Redefined Report Authoring and Analysis
  •     Redefined Consumption Experience for any device

During this webinar, we discuss topics such as:

  •     How to transition from Cognos 10 to Cognos Analytics
  •     User-interface changes
  •     Much, much more....


LPA can help you assess your organization's readiness for self-service BI. We are offering a 1 day workshop that is performed on-site with your team, and involves activities to understand and assess challenges with self-service BI including data governance, security issues, data source consistency and much more. Click here to take advantage of this Self-Service BI Assessment Workshop


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