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Cognos Analytics v11.0.3 Enhancements Announced

Posted: Aug 11, 2016 | Author: Rich Chester

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Blog

cognos analytics dashboard.png

IBM recently released information on enhancements slated for the latest Cognos Analytics release v11.0.3 scheduled for late August/Early September and will include additional enhancements.


  • Added the ability to create calculations.  Click on 2 columns, new on-demand button to create a calculation will be available
  • Hover-over tool tip.  Hover your mouse over a data point and a popup will appear containing the data point’s context
  • Link a dashboard to another data source (and fix for any missing fields)
  • Enhanced formatting of numbers (vs. “abbreviate” functionality in previous releases) 


  • Source a single report from multiple packages.  Packages must be DQM.  A query can reference only a single package – cross package joins are not supported.  Drill through supported only for the first package you add (the “default package”)
  • New “Data List” control for Active Reports… performs better than a regular list with large volumes of data
  • Filter Text:  You can add text to your report that shows the filters that are applied to the report.  Click the filter icon and select “Insert Filter Text”.  Dynamically updated.

Modeling (Data Modules)

  • The Diagram isn’t just for show any more – you can perform actions on the tables and joins from within the diagram now rather than just from the Tree view.

Unfortunately, IBM did not include the much-hoped-for ability to use Packages in either Dashboards or Data Modules in this release. But they may still include that feature in September.

If you have a specific enhancement that you want to see in a future release, now is the time to submit it and/or get your friends/colleagues/neighbors to vote for it: