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Installing and Migrating to Cognos Analytics v11.0.3

Posted: Sep 07, 2016

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The release of Cognos Analytics represents next generation business intelligence that interprets your intent and guides you to faster results.
IBM® Cognos Analytics offers guided, self-service capabilities designed to solve problems and seize new opportunities quickly. The agile, intuitive platform delivers a personal approach to analytics by empowering business users to solve individual or workgroup challenges on their own - while providing IT with a proven solution that can be easily scaled as business needs grow.

Should you upgrade now?

What should you consider?

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Cognos Analytics v11.0.3 new features including: Multi-package reporting, data lists, filter text, data modules, dashboards, dashboards calculations, dashboard relinking and dashboard data formatting

  • Installing options for Cognos Analytics on Windows
  • Upgrading and converting existing Cognos 8 and 10 content including: Legacy content: Query/Analysis Studio Reports, Event Studio Agents, Cognos Workspaces and Cognos Connection Pages and Report content: Cognos Workspace Advanced Reports, Report Studio Reports


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