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Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing

Posted: Jan 20, 2017 | Author: Matt Corridoni

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IBM predictive analytics solutions improve manufacturers' asset maintenance by monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on information gathered from devices in real time and recommends maintenance activities regarding those devices. 

These solutions leverage statistical modeling, allowing you to predict the failure of assets, determine the best repair procedures, and identify the root causes of asset failure before production is interrupted.

  • Predictive analytics mine historical data for patterns and model failure modes
  • These failure patterns act like a "fingerprint" for operating states
  • Monitoring data channels with analytics can anticipate an asset moving towards a failure state, allowing preventative action before an outage occurs

IBM predictive solutions combine predictive modeling with decision management using workflows and dashboards driven by disparate data sources, keeping your equipment running longer with fewer unplanned outages, higher quality output and lower warranty costs.

For more details, read this white paper from IBM.