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Webinar: Analytics in Manufacturing

Posted: Oct 25, 2017

Category: Manufacturing | Tags: Webinar

The Industrial products / manufacturing sector is undergoing a massive data and analytics driven transformation. 

Technology can now bring together information that has traditionally been siloed or never before leveraged.  Organizations are now looking for ways to use data to gain insights and work across departmental boundaries that have traditionally had limited collaboration.

At the same time, industries are using Internet of Things, analytics, cloud, and social data to:

• Modernize factories to become autonomous, connected and better controlled

• Optimize inventory logistics and distribution

• Use information from machines to improve operational efficiency and worker safety

• Improve operations through connected assets, resource optimization and integrated weather data

• Predict regulatory compliance risk, fraud detection in warranty claims

• Predict worker sentiments and product safety features


 Analytics in Manufacturing.png

The complex ecosystem of internal and external data sources holds tremendous value for manufacturers, who can now bring together this data, analyze it, and use it to provide new and differentiated services for their customers.

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