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Webinar: Public Sector Data Mining in Higher Education

Posted: Oct 04, 2017

Category: Predictive Analytics | Tags: Webinar

One of the biggest assets an organization or institutions is data. That data contains patterns and relationships that are not readily identifiable. Enter Predictive Analytics. With IBM SPSS Modeler software, historical data is automatically mined detecting patterns and indicators which can be used to predict future outcomes, allowing you to prioritize efforts on those events which are most likely to occur.

SPSS Modeler is a comprehensive analytics platform designed to bring predictive intelligence to decision making across your entire organization. 

Customer Analytics Operational Analytics Threat & Fraud Analytics
  • Acquire customers more efficiently
  • Grow value of existing customers
  • Retain profitable customers
  • Manage assets
  • Maintain physical infrastructure
  • Maximize capital
  • Monitor your environment
  • Detect suspicious behavior
  • Control outcomes
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IBM SPSS Modeler connects data to effective action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events.

View this webinar to better understand how Predictive Analytics makes a difference in the public sector, specifically in the area of higher education. Our SPSS expert discusses and demonstrates how SPSS Modeler software can predict:

  • Which students are most likely to graduate?
  • Who are the most promising applicants for admission?
  • Which alumni will donate and how much?
  • How can the educational institution more reliably plan for future development?
  • How can tuition and donor forecasts be driven by data and made more accurate?

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