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What's New in Cognos Analytics v11.0.7

Posted: Nov 16, 2017

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

IBM has released Cognos Analytics version 11.0.7.

This webinar will review and discuss v11.0.7 new features and functionality, including:

  • Powerplay 11 (Powerplay Transformer, Powerplay Studio, Powerplay Client)
  • Revamped and reorganized home page and menus
  • Revamped Data Modules interface along with filtering and data grouping enhancements
  • Many dashboard filtering enhancements including showing filter information below the title, top/bottom count percent, and filter based on conditions
  • New “mapbox maps” in reports
  • Interactive filtering in reports
  • Setting your own parameter values for reports in the new “My Parameters” panel
  • Ability for  administrators to create and maintain a list of standard parameter names to be used across different reports
  • New logging options
  • And more!

When playing this video back we suggest you view it in "Full Screen" mode in "HD Quality".   You can make these selections using the toolbar directly under the video.

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