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Webinar: What's New in Cognos Analytics R9 and User Stories

Posted: Jan 17, 2018

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

This webinar reviews and discusses v11.0.9 new features and functionality including:

  • Latitude/Longitude in Dashboard maps.  IBM introduced latitude/longitude in Report maps in R8, the R9 enhancement brings Dashboards on par with Reporting
  • A visibility control on the map allows a user to turn on/off layers in a multi-layer map to make it easier to read/use
  • Support for Planning Analytics subsets in Reports and Dashboards
  • A full screen mode has been added to Dashboards (one was added to Stories in R8)
  • New X-label Orientation properties in Dashboards allows you to manually control how labels are expressed (automatically, horizontally, vertically, 45 degree angle) on the x-axis
  • The function tab is back in the Expression Builder for Data Module sourced reports (in previous releases you could use all the functions, but the tabs were not displayed)
  • Updated polygons for new French regions in Report and Dashboard maps to reflect recent French Government changes to the regions in their country
  • You can now show 30,000 points in a maps (used to be 3,000)
  • In addition to R9 features, we will also review and discuss best practices for User Stories in Cognos Analytics, which leverage visualizations to share effective insights

When playing this video back we suggest you view it in "Full Screen" mode in "HD Quality".   You can make these selections using the toolbar directly under the video.


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