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Webinar: What's New With Cognos v11.1

Posted: Nov 29, 2018

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

IBM introduced Cognos Analytics v11.1 at IBM Analytics University. This version marks the first major release since Cognos Analytics was introduced almost 3 years ago.

In this webinar, Rich Chester, LPA's Director of Consulting, discusses what he learned at IBM Analytics University.

IBM has announced that they are fully integrated many Watson Analytics capabilities - Natural Language Processing, Cognitive, Predictive & Smarts into Cognos Analytics v11.1. In this release, IBM has focused on six key investment areas:

  • Smarts/Learning: More immersive user experiences, automatic insights, less biased discovery, more advanced analytics techniques, invest in context and learning, NLP/NLG enhancements, understanding domains and recommending data sources.
  • Ease of Use: IBM is continuing to put a lot of focus on ease of use. The experience will be a guided process that will help users create content, explore and visualize data and be able to easily identify relevant data and insights that perhaps weren't obvious at the start.
  • Data Exploration: IBM is continuing to build data exploration capabilities. A new exploration interface that will incorporate the algorithms and smarts that are currently available in Watson Analytics and that will provide a best in class data exploration and discovery experience.
  • Data prep and modeling: Many users still spend too much time on the modeling and data preparation phase. IBM is making this step as intuitive and "smart" as possible so users can spend less time modeling and preparing their data. Users can then quickly get into the data exploration and content creation phase.
  • Collaboration:  Work with 3rd party tools, annotate options, workflow, automatically bring insights based on context
  • Ecosystem: Integration of IBM products, theming/branding of the product and content, embedability, extensibility, digital storybooks and business workbooks. 

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