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Webinar: LPA Analytics and AI Roadmap

Posted: Sep 19, 2019

Category: Analytics Strategy | Tags: Webinar

To improve your golf game, you first need to understand how you would score in a typical game. You need to measure your game. 

Are you a scratch golfer who typically scores in the low 70s? Or are you a duffer who would be thrilled to break 100? Either way, you must measure your game. 

CEO's, CFO's, CMO's and COO's are striving to do more with their data - making faster decisions, improving profits, reaching tougher metrics, integrating 3rd party data trying to understand if AI will improve their business performance.   

This short video helps C Suite executives get started, highlighting important steps to begin your analytics journey. 

Likewise, in business to really know how well you are doing, you must measure your business. 

  • How well would your organization score?  
  • Are you measuring the right things? 
  • Do you trust your data? Are you missing insights? 
  • Do your measurements align with strategic goals and objectives?  

If you were to measure your company right now, would you be comfortable with your score? Are you overwhelmed with data, and need better data supporting your KPI's?

When you want help improving your golf game, you rely on the golf pro. When dealing with data and analytics, you can rely on LPA to be your analytics guide and let our of experience help you improve your game.

LPA will incorporate AI technology to elevate your analytic processes to the next level. Analytics provide data analysis and visualizations to discover patterns and meaning in your data. In order to fully leverage the power of analytics, you need an analytics road map and an analytics strategy. LPA can help you build this critical road map to analytics.

Watch this webinar to learn how LPA's Analytics and AI Strategy and Roadmap can help jump start your organization and improve your score.   

When playing this video back we suggest you view it in "Full Screen" mode in "HD Quality". You can make these selections using the toolbar directly under the video.

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