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Advisory Services

whylpa.pngLPA provide a series of Advisory Services that are designed to help you ensure that your Business Intelligence implementations meet the needs of your Business and End Users.  These services offer you expert advice and assistance at multiple points along your Business Intelligence journey. Topics include

  • BI Strategy and Roadmap - What is the best Business Intelligence strategy and plan needed to best meet the needs of the Business?
  • Cognos Health Check - How is our Business Intelligence performing and what changes are required to improve it?
  • BI Competency Center Assessment - How is our BICC performing and what are the next steps we need to take to reach the next level of maturity?
  • Cognos Mobile Strategy - How do we design reports, dashboards and analyses for a mobile or disconnected workforce?
  • Cognos Workspace Strategy - How do you safely and securely offload development of custom dashboards to your end user community, but still have confidence in the data and the decisions made from it?
  • OLAP Strategy - What are your analysis needs and how do you articulate the ROI for the introduction of OLAP to your business?

BI Strategy and Roadmap

A BI Strategy and Roadmap describes the result of conducting a comprehensive assessment of a BI program, evaluating current state of an existing information delivery environment, and a developing a description of the Future State vision based on where an organization would like their information delivery environment to be.

There are five common problems that stem from not having a Business Intelligence Strategy:
• Multiple versions of the truth
• Piecemeal Solutions
• No aligned strategy with corporate business direction
• No Organization – pockets of development and no governance
• Politics and Culture
A Business Intelligence initiative is a journey and subsequently it requires a clearly defined strategy and plan from the beginning for it to be successful. LPA's Strategy and Roadmap service provides you with a BI Roadmap and plan based on an assessment of your existing BI environment and an analysis of your future information requirements.

Learn more about our BI Strategy and Roadmap offering.

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Cognos Health Check

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence technology provides a powerful range of capabilities and quickly becomes mission critical.  Therefore it is important to evaluate your Cognos BI applications from time to time within the context of your evolving business requirements and identify opportunities to improve the design, performance, security, and maintenance of the applications with IBM Cognos proven practices. LPA's BI Health Check service offering provides a customized post-implementation review and assessment of your Cognos BI applications and environment including areas such as performance, application design, security, maintenance, administration, and training needs.  The LPA Health Check service can cover a wide range of topics to help ensure your Cognos BI optimization goals are met.

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BI Competency Center Assessmentcognosbicc.jpg

Many Business Intelligence initiatives are significant strategic investments. Lack of data quality, absence of governance structure for a consistent and repeatable approach, and the uncontrolled proliferation of BI technologies often contribute to the downfall of many of these initiatives. A Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BICC) can help address these issues and maximize the value of enterprise investments in BI.

Establishment of a BICC is a journey rather than a discrete event. Assessing where you are on that journey requires a framework against which you can compare your capabilities to a set of standard characteristics. Using the LPA devised BICC maturity model, we can provide you with a BICC roadmap and plan.

Cognos Mobile Strategycognosmobile.jpg

As mobile computing increases in use and popularity, many organizations are looking to extend their Business Intelligence reporting solutions to those who are always on-the-go. LPA's BI Mobile strategy offering includes a set of activities and deliverables which will enable you with the information and knowledge you need to implement your Mobil and Disconnected Business intelligence needs with confidence. This includes developing requirements and an implementation plan, demonstrating the functionality with targeted prototype applications and providing you with a training plan to build the necessary skills to support your Cognos Mobile initiative. 

Learn more about our Cognos Mobile Strategy offering.

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Cognos Workspace Strategycognosworkspace.jpg

IBM Cognos Workspace enables users to assemble and explore all types of data through a dynamic, highly personalized interface. It arms your end users with powerful analytic capabilities that combine traditional business intelligence, collaboration, and personalization that will drive smarter decisions for better business results.  LPA’s Cognos Workspace Strategy offering helps your organization prepare to deploy Cognos Workspace including covering how to safely and securely offload development of custom dashboards to your end user community with the confidence in the data and the decisions made from it. 

Learn more about our Cognos Workspace Strategy offering.

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OLAP Strategycognosolap.jpg

OLAP provides your analysts and business users with a view of your enterprise which enables them to quickly gain insight into business performance, make more informed decisions, and improve results.  Your IBM Cognos Business Intelligence investment has already provided you with several "out of the box" OLAP technology options including PowerCubes, Dimensionally Modeled Relational Data (DMR) and, with the introduction of IBM Cognos 10.2, Dynamic Cubes.

Selecting the optimal OLAP approach and technology mix shouldn't be a matter of trial and error. LPA Software Solution's OLAP Strategy & Planning Services will help you understand your analysis needs and help you articulate the ROI for the introduction of OLAP to your business as well as devise an OLAP Strategy that addresses technology selection, data sourcing and end user education.

Learn more about our Cognos OLAP Strategy offering.

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