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Implementation Services

whylpa.pngLPA specializes in the delivery of a full range of Cognos BI implementation services. Our consultants are experienced in proven practices and implementation methods for Cognos BI and are 100% Certified. Engaging with LPA to deliver these services provides you with improved quality for your Cognos implementations and a faster time to value.

LPA's implementation services include: 

  • Cognos Installation and Configuration – Ensures that Cognos BI is correctly installed and configured in all of the server environments to form a solid foundation for your Cognos implementation
  • Cognos Upgrade Services -  Enables you to quickly upgrade and roll out the new capabilities and features of Cognos Analytics
  • BI Sprint One -  Enables a fast time to value from your Cognos BI technology by defining a roadmap and plan for your BI Solution and performing the implementation of the first sprint of the implementation plan
  • BI Full Project Lifecycle – Leverages the extensive Cognos BI experience of the LPA consultants to implement your complete Cognos BI solution

Cognos Installation and Configuration

In order to build a solid foundation upon which to develop IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solutions, it is important to correctly install and configure the software in all of the server environments. Questions that arise include:

  • How should IBM Cognos BI be installed in accordance with my architecture requirements?
  • How should IBM Cognos BI components be configured against supported IBM and 3rd party software infrastructure?
  • Will the installation support my capacity sizing expectations and how should Cognos BI be installed and configured for failover?
  • What installation and configuration proven practices should I adopt?

The LPA Cognos BI Installation and Configuration Service is designed for IBM Cognos BI customers who require installation of a suitable environment prior to beginning development, test or deployment activities during an implementation or when expanding or upgrading existing environments.

Learn more about our Cognos Installation and Configuration offering.

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Cognos Upgrade Services

LPA has performed dozens of upgrades, and can have your organization on Cognos Analytics in a matter of weeks.  

Click here to learn about the new features of Cognos Analytics, then request your free LPA Cognos upgrade assessment.

To fully benefit from the exciting new functionality and look and feel with IBM Cognos Analytics, the upgrade process requires a thorough understanding of this new functionality and how best to apply it in your environment. Questions that often arise include:

  • Which of your applications could best take advantage of the new Cognos Analytics features and functionality?
  • What is the best upgrade approach?
  • What are the best practices for installing and configuring Cognos Analytics?
  • How do you validate an upgrade when it is complete?
  • We have some specific challenges in our Cognos environment. Will Cognos Analytics address these and if yes, how can we implement these components immediately?

The LPA Cognos Anlaytics Upgrade service accelerates your upgrade process by establishing an environment which you can use to…

  • Examine your converted content,
  • Explore and test the new features of Cognos Analytics, and
  • Discover new opportunities to further maximize your IBM Cognos investment

Learn more about our Cognos Analytics Upgrade Service offering

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BI Sprint One

The purchase of BI technology is costly and time consuming. For many organizations, the implementation of a BI solution begins with learning the software and reading lengthy manuals. This approach may eventually yield results, but at a significant cost.

LPA has created the Sprint One service offering to define a roadmap and plan for the BI solution and to execute the implementation of the first sprint. This will provide the client with a strong foundation for their IBM Cognos BI environment and enable them to get an early return on their BI technology investment. 

Learn more about our BI Sprint One offering.

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Full Project Lifecycle

A solution to satisfy your business priorities could range from enterprise reporting to predictive modeling and optimization or anything in between. Helping you determine the right components for your performance management solution is the first priority of any business intelligence implementation.

LPA’s design and implementation methodology and services can deliver any and all components of your performance management solution using the IBM Cognos technologies. Using our trademarked BI implementation methodology Compass, we integrate with your business and IT teams to deliver comprehensive business solutions that meet the current and future needs of your organization. We ensure that your organization is enabled to continue to grow these solutions as your business changes through a combination of the use of proven practices, knowledge transfer and formal training techniques.

LPA provides design and implementation services spanning:
  • Requirements elicitation and analysis
  • Project management using PMP certified project managers
  • Integrated architecture of your performance management solution
  • Design and implementation of your solution using IBM Cognos certified consultants
  • IBM Cognos Installation and configuration
  • Metadata modeling
  • Dashboard, report and analysis development
  • Security
  • Testing & deployment
  • Knowledge transfer and education

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