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Chronic Disease Management

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The numbers are staggering; more than 50% of Americans today suffer from a chronic disease, and more than 75% of healthcare costs are due to these perpetual conditions. Therefore, it is imperative that practices know the status of their chronically ill patients, and how to serve them better.

One step ahead.

With LPA’s Chronic Disease Analytic, your practice will immediately be able to determine if health improvement programs are proving effective, see patients at risk, and identify those demographic groups that may need special attention to manage their healthcare effectively. You will also be able to compare individual physicians in order to reward those doctors that have managed to effectively treat their patients with chronic illnesses, and to educate those members of the practice that struggle to do so.

The solution leverages LPA’s experience along with state of the art technology from IBM and integration with your EMR to answer some of the most critical questions about chronic disease care.

  • How is the chronic patient population trending?
  • Are health improvement programs that are being implemented proving effective?
  • Are metrics needed for Patient Centered Medical Home requirements easily gathered?
  • Can patients at risk be readily identified?
  • Are there demographic groups that need attention?
  • …and many more


With prebuilt dashboards and actionable reports the LPA Chronic Disease Analytic provides a wide range of capabilities to analyze key metrics in the management of patient populations in these key high risk areas. Key factors and metrics like frequency of visits, lab test results, immunizations, types of exams performed along with patient demographic information combine to paint a complete picture of patient treatments.

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Chronic Disease Analytic Fact Sheet


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